De zes geboden voor de volger.

Naast leiderschap raakt nu ook de term volgerschap ingeburgerd.
In een handboek van The United States Air Force vonden Rudy Kor, Gert Wijnen en Mathieu Weggeman onderstaande "Followers guidelines to strenghten the supervisor-follower relation':

  • Help the supervisor to be succesful: it doesn't mean to play politics. It means remembering that you are on the same team. If the team succeeds everyone benefits; if the team fails, then the blame should fall on both the supervisor and the teammembers.
  • Understand the supervisor's world: By knowing the supervisor's person personal and organisational objectives the effective follower can share that vision.
  • Supervisors don't have all the answers: Recognize and complement a supervisor's weakness and understand his/her constraints and limitations.
  • Keep your supervisor informed: Few people like surprises. Never put your supervisor in an embarrassing situation of having someone else know more about his/her terrain than he/she does.
  • Adapt the supervisors style: Followers need to be flexible in adapting to his/her supervisor's decision-making-style, problem-solving strategies, modes of communication, styles of interaction and so on.
  • Be honest and dependable: A lack of integrity is an absolutely fatal flaw. No one – supervisor, peer or subordinate – wants to work with someone he/she cannot trust. After integrity, supervisors value dependability.

Bron: Meesterlijk organiseren: handreikingen voor ondernemende managers. Auteurs: Kor, R. Wijnen, G. Weggeman, M. Uitgeverij Kluwer,  Deventer, 2007.