Spiral Dynamics Principles Course

Every phenomenon in nature operates within a certain set of principles. Day and night come due to the rotation of earth around its axis. Our seasons occur as earth tilts on that axis on our annual trip around the sun. Weather arises through a set of complex principles meteorologists are still trying to understand that involve the sun, gravity, thermodynamics, and even chemistry. Air planes fly thanks to aerodynamic principles and careful engineering.

Human nature is no different. Every aspect of us – working, living, and interpersonal interactions – is governed by certain principles. Many people reading this will assume we’re referring to the levels represented by the Spiral Dynamics® colour code.

But for Dr. Clare Graves, the least important part of his approach was the Levels of Existence, themselves. In fact, he believed they were merely byproducts of a much more powerful set of interactive forces lying behind human nature – the principles he sought to uncover. This special online Spiral Dynamics® program takes you behind the curtain to reveal the ins and outs of key principles – nuances of the Emergent Cyclical Levels of Existence Theory and its most relevant aspects. Whether you are new to SD or have had some training already, this course helps you make sense of this complex, systemic approach to viewing ourselves in our world.

If You Want to … 

  • learn more about the inner workings, theory, and structures behind our Spiral Dynamics® trainings and tools in an online environment;
  • delve further into the thinking at the heart of this systems view;
  • know more about SD but are unable to attend an onsite program;
  • check your understanding and deepen your knowledge base;
  • reinforce your base but don’t need access to the Spiral Dynamics® Assessment Suite;
  • continue with your SD learning track and get past the myths and hype;
  • work with manageable bite sized (60-90 minute tutorials) + bonus material;
  • connect with like-minded enthusiasts who are interested in what you want to talk about;
  • wow your friends with your insights;

…then this “all levels” 12 week program will fit your calendar and your needs.
Go to: https://nj329.infusionsoft.com/app/page/principles-landing-page

Dr. Natasha Todorovic
September, 2016